4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1

4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1

  • Price$ 0.63
  • On Sale$ 0.63
  • BrandGoodcan TG-YGD168L1
  • ColorStandard
  • OriginFoshan, China
4L round tin can with close lid TG-YGD168L1 made by high good quality tinplate and aluminum sheet. Metal can is used widely for food, chemical, paint and etc.,

Product Name: 4L tin can with close lid diameter 168mm
Model Number:TG-YGD168L1
Size: See specification datasheet
Material: Tinplate 0.25mm
Volume: 2L - 6L

Food: biscuit, oil, coffee, candy, chocolate, cookies, tea, coffee, oil, wine, beverage and etc.,
Industrial: paint, lubricant, adhesive, solvent, glue, cleaning agent, curing agent, washing powder, gasonlie, chemical, oil, ink and etc.,
Gift: christmas gift, easter git,money cans, ring, jewellery packing ect

Brand Name: Goodcans
Place of Origin: Foshan,China / Guangzhou,China
Customize Logo: embossed / debossed
Shape: Round
Color: Printing (cmyk/pms/3d/uv/2 colors), gross silver, gold and etc.,
Certificate: SGS / ROHS/ ISO
Feature: Anticorrosion / Rust-proof / Moistureproof / Sunshade / Mould proof

Packing: Polybag/pallet/carton box (with polybag each)
Production time: 7 days
Loading port: Foshan,China / Guangzhou,China
Payment: 30% deposit, 70% rest payment by inspection before shipment
Delivery term: EXW / FOB / CIF / DDP / DDU and etc.,
HS code: 73102100
MOQ: 1X20 Container

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